Nashville Aikikai Test Requirements: Effective May 2021

6th Kyu


Shomenuchi ikkyo and iriminage

Munetsuki kotegaeshi

Shihonage from various attacks (excluding ushiro)

Kokyu tanden ho

5th Kyu

All previous techniques plus

Shomenuchi nikyo

Kata dori nikyo

Munetsuki kaitennage

Ikkyo and kotegaeshi from various attacks (excluding ushiro)

4th Kyu

All previous techniques plus

Shomenuchi sankyo and yonkyo

Yokomenuchi iriminage

Ryote dori tenchinage

Nikyo and kokyunage from various attachks (excluding ushiro)

Jiyu waza standing

3rd Kyu

All previous techniques plus

Sankyo, yonkyo, and kaitennage from various attacks

Various techniques from various ushiro attacks, with particular attention to the

following: Ushiro ryokata dori ikkyo, Ushiro ryote dori shihonage, Ushiro kubi shime kotegaeshi, Ushiro waza kokyunage, Jiyu waza with specified attack

Randori with 2 uke

2nd Kyu

All previous techniques plus

Iriminage and koshinage from various attacks

Hanmi handachi shihonage from various attacks

Suwariwaza ikkyo from various attacks

Tanto dori, jo dori, and tachi dori from specified attack

Randori with 3 uke

1st Kyu

All previous techniques plus

Jiyu waza

Hanmi handachi


Tanto dori

Jo dori

Tachi dori

Kumi tachi 1-5

Randori with 3 uke with shinai

The information above is a guideline for the examiner.  Actual tests will likely include any recent focus.

“Various attacks” means that the attacks will be randomly determined by either uke or the examiner.

“Various techniques means nage will vary the techniques, unless the examiner requests something specific.