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We welcome all Aikidoka, regardless of affiliation or experience, to come and train. We only ask that you speak with the instructor prior to class. All individual training at Nashville Aikikai will need to provide proof of completed COVID vaccination.

Class schedule summary:

Nashville Aikikai has a wide variety of training opportunities for individuals of all levels. 


New Year Special – Introductory Course:

$120 (Regular Price $150)

Next Intro Course to be January 9th – March 1st, 2023.

Monday and Wednesday 6:30 to 8:00 PM

For more information, call 615-262-4224


Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 to 8:00 PM

Saturday 8:30 to 9:30 AM — Weapons Class

Saturday 10:00 to 11:30 AM

CHILDREN/YOUTH (For fully vaccinated students)

Saturday 2:00 – 3:00PM

For more information, email Jay Barnet at nashvillejay@gmail.com

Please scroll further down the page for more information.


Nashville Aikikai is a non-profit organization. Our instructors, office managers, etc., donate their time, effort, and skills for the benefit of the dojo and students.  All dues go towards the operation, maintenance, and beautification of the dojo.

Dues are paid on the first day of the month or at the beginning of a new class. Adult dojo members will receive a monthly PayPal dues invoice. We also accept cash or checks, but not credit cards.

Adult Dues:

Introductory Class:
$150.00 for the eight-week Aikido Basics Course.  Each additional person from the same family $100. This has been temporarily reduced to $120 for each member of the family for the New Year Special.

Regular dues for students who have already taken the Aikido Basics Course or are joining from another Aikido dojo:
$125.00 per month.  Each additional person from the same family $85.00.

Youth Dues:

$30.00 per month. Each additional youth in the same family $10.00.

Supporting Memberships :


This membership is for those who are not participating in frequent training at Nashville Aikikai and would like to support the dojo. It includes 1 free drop-in day a month or 12 a year.


For those who would like to support the dojo at a higher level, this membership includes 1 free drop-in day a month or 12 a year, plus 10% discount on seminars at Nashville Aikikai.

Cookeville Aikikai in Cookeville, TN offers Aikido classes.  Mark Clark (Sandan) the Dojo Cho and Chief Instructor, is a student of Tom and Mary Sensei.  Please see their website for more information (https://www.south-sidedojo.com/).


Good news.  Youth aikido classes have resumed at Nashville Aikikai!

·         Classes are on Saturdays, 2:00-3:00 pm.  

·         Anyone under 18 who is vaccinated against COVID 19 is welcome to attend.  

·         As is our tradition, we will adjust each class to the students present, taking into account age, skill, and experience.  All are welcome.  

·         New students will start with the basic techniques of the entry level (6th kyu), and will advance as far as their efforts take them.


The Nashville Aikikai youth program started in 2012, as a way for kids to have fun and get a healthy workout, in the context of learning a martial art and training in a dojo.

Aikido goals and principles

1.       Non-violence.  We teach students how to promote peace, both within themselves and in their interactions with others.  We are explicit in teaching the power of nonviolent thinking, communicating, and acting.

2.       Self-defense.  Aikido is a system of self-defense developed by one of Japan’s leading martial artists, Morihei Uyeshiba (‘O Sensei’, the founder and principal architect of aikido).  Our school is aligned with Honbu Dojo, in Tokyo, and we strive to teach aikido as it is practiced there.

3.       Personal responsibility.  Each student is responsible for training safely and following dojo etiquette in an environment of mutual respect.

4.       From a training point of view, we emphasize posture, balance, breathing, footwork, conditioning, “mai” (safe distance) and entering/blending techniques.  Students will learn to roll and fall gently and without fear.   They will also learn fundamental strikes and use wooden weapons in a controlled environment.

Dojo goals and principles

There are several principles that Tom Sensei and Mary Sensei emphasize for our dojo:

·         We place safety above all else, at all times.  Aikido can be strenuous, challenging, even confusing.  But there is always a safe way to train.

·         We meet people where they are, and support each member’s personal training goals

·         Tests are rigorous and aligned with Honbu Dojo standards

·         We enjoy each other’s company and keep a supportive, friendly atmosphere

·         We are a club.  Dojo instructors are volunteers.  All dojo income goes to the cost of running the dojo


If you are interested in the youth class, please stop by and observe a class.  You will have a chance to participate if you would like… we will keep it simple and safe for newcomers.

In response to the continued threat of the COVID virus:

1.       Students and instructors must be vaccinated against COVID.  Proof will be required.

2.       Mask will be optional. 

3.       Please practice social distancing when not training

4.       Weather permitting, we will train with the retractable front doors open

5.       Please contact instructor Jay Barnet with any questions about the youth class (nashvillejay@gmail.com)

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