Mary Sensei at Shobukan Dojo

Congratulations again to Mary Sensei, who will be teaching at the fall seminar at Aikido Shobukan Dojo in Washington, DC, the headquarters dojo of ASU. Any and all dojo members are encouraged to attend and local housing is available – just speak to Mary Sensei. She will be working a lot on her current focus, extension – “not just to the floor, but through it.” Having taken some ukemi for her in class yesterday and today, I can attest to the fact that she has that one down! (See what I did there?) RW

Winter Camp

Great picture of Saotome Sensei at Winter Camp last year. Recognize anyone in the background?

Roy and family will be joining the Nashville Aikikai contingent at Winter Camp. We are now up to 8 or 9, depending on whether Mr. Puckett commits. If we can get 10 people registered, we get a second free registration and some considerable bragging rights – particularly given the size of the dojo. Any takers? It is a fantastic training experience. I think you will be amazed at how much going to camp will accellerate your Aikido training.

Upcoming Seminars

2020 will be another great year to train at Nashville Aikikai.

Ikeda Sensei will be back to teach a seminar May 15-17. For more details, see the flyer posted on our Upcoming Seminars Page (

And there is a rumor that Hofmeister Sensei will be back sometime next fall. More details will be posted when they become available.

And, there are lots of great seminars at other dojos in the area. You can check out the ASU Calendar Page for details ( It is good to check back frequently for new seminar postings. Getting new perspectives from many accomplished instructors and training with people outside of the dojo are both important to improving your Aikido.