Shout out to Phil (and update on Thanksgiving schedule)

We miss Phil on the mat.  Mary Sensei says he is doing well and making a speedy recovery.  We look forward to seeing you back soon.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning and evening classes will take place as per the usual schedule this week.  We will have class Thursday (Thanksgiving) morning – even if Andres cannot teach, Mark will be there.  There will be no class Thursday evening.  Saturday and Sunday classes will be held per the usual schedule.  Please remember that Sunday class has been moved to 7:00 AM.  Happy Thanksgiving to all and hope to see you on the mat sometime this weekend.


Saturday, November 18

We will be having a full day of training next Saturday, including testing. Morning class will be at 10:30 and afternoon class will be at 3:30. We will have a short planning meeting for the 30th anniversary seminar with Ikeda Sensei.

Look forward to seeing you then.


Video with Saotome Sensei

For a great video of Saotome Sensei giving a personal tour of the DC dojo and the meaning of the objects there, go to and scroll to the bottom of the page.  It is a fantastic explanation of Aikido principles from Sensei, himself.  You can appreciate it even if you have never been to the Shobukan dojo.

Holiday Charity

Once again, Nashville Aikikai will be collecting donations for the Shade Tree Clinic over the holidays.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Shade Tree Clinic is a free clinic run by Vanderbilt medical students that provides medical care to Nashville’s uninsured.  You can get more information about the program on their website,  Please make checks out to the dojo and indicate that the money is for the clinic on the memo line.  You can give the check to Mary Sensei or just put in the mailbox in the back.  Last year we raised $850.  Let’s try to reach or exceed that amount again this year!

Thank you!


Class tomorrow, 11/5

Due to the Titans’ game, we will be having Sunday class tomorrow, 11/5/17, at 06:30 (yes, that is AM).  Sam is testing for Sankyu at the mini-seminar on 11/18, so he is motivated to come out tomorrow.  Would love to see any and all there.  Will probably do the same thing next weekend, as there is another Titans’ home game.

Also, please remember that TDOT is planning to shut down 1-40 from the 24 split to the 65 split on the weekend of the dojo retreat, so please give yourself extra travel time to get to the dojo that day.


November Happenings

We will be having second Friday class on November 10 at 6:30.  This is a time for all dojo members to get together and train with Tom and Mary Sensei.  Dinner to follow. Local Taco, anyone?

On Saturday, November 18, we will be having our last day long retreat of the year with Tom and Mary Sensei.  Class will be at 10:30 and 3:30.  All aikidoka, regardless of dojo or affiliation, are invited to attend.

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend both events.

Now that we have made the Epic Leap, maybe I will make it back to the dojo?