Holiday Charity

Again this year, Nashville Aikikai will be raising money to support the Shade Tree Clinic.  The Shade Tree Clinic is a free clinic run by Vanderbilt Medical Students to provide high quality primary care to the underinsured in Davidson County.  The Shade Tree Clinic forms interdisciplinary teams of medical, nursing, pharmacy, and law students who are supervised by professionals in these fields to provide healthcare and social services free-of-charge to this community. The clinic welcomes all patients, regardless of their race, residency, gender, socioeconomic status, or religious affiliation.  Since opening, the clinic has provided services to over 4,000 patients.  For more information, please see the Shade Tree clinic 2016-2017 Annual Report:

Last year, Nashville Aikikai donated $750 to the clinic.  Any donation which dojo member can make is appreciated.  We will collect until the first of the year.  Many thanks to all the support that Nashville Aikikai has given to this important organization over the years.  We know that lack of access to quality primary care is a significant contributor to disparities in health outcomes and to overall healthcare costs.



Most of the holiday schedule

Please be aware of the following holiday schedule:

Wednesday, November 21 – AM class – No decision yet

Wednesday, November 21 – PM class – cancelled

Thursday, November 22 (Thanksgiving) – AM class at 06:30 -WILL BE HELD

Thursday, November 22 (Thanksgiving) – PM class – cancelled

Monday, December 24 (Christmas Eve) and Tuesday, December 25 (Christmas Day) – cancelled.

Monday, December 31 (New Years Eve) – PM class – cancelled

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season.



Saotome Sensei and Mary Sensei

Welcome back to Mary Sensei, who spent last weekend in Florida training with Saotome Sensei at the Ranch.  Below, please see Mary Sensei’s recent email regarding the importance of attending seminars.

“I’d like to stress the importance of seminars.

In addition to regular training at the dojo, attending seminars is the way to improve your Aikido.

Different instructors explain things in different ways, emphasize different points, and even do techniques in different ways.  These differences can be very helpful to your understanding of the art.  They’ll give you ideas that you can continue to work on in the dojo.  If you don’t have opportunities during class to work on things you pick up at seminars, you can grab a partner and work on those things before or after class.

Additionally, training with people from other dojos is often eye-opening.  You get used to the way people attack and take ukemi in your home dojo.  People from other dojos will be slightly different.  Adjusting to those differences is great training — Aikido is all about adjusting so that you can deal with life and those around you.

Monday and Wednesday morning classes resume

First, thank you to Tom Sensei for a great class last night.  He emphasized the benefits of slow practice.  His class also reminds us of the importance of “beginner’s mind.”  To seek in your training to have an open mind to what the instructor is teaching and not train only in our own preconceptions of which technique is being demonstrated or how one normally does that technique.

Tom Sensei will be resuming Monday and Wednesday morning classes starting this Monday, October 15.  Class will meet from 6:30 to 7:30 AM.  The class will focus on slow movments, meditation, and stretching.  It will cover many basic principles.  It will be a great way to get the day started!  See you there.



Thank You and Congratulations

Thank you to Hofmeister Sensei for a great seminar.  We look forward to seeing you again soon at other seminars and back at Nashville Aikikai next October.

Congratulations on the following promotions earned at the seminar:

Mit (Nashville Aikikai) – Shodan

Dennis (Aikido of East AL) – Shodan

Micheal (Nashville Aikikai) – Nidan

Nashville Aikikai members – we will have second Friday class next week to be led by Tom Sensei.  Mary Sensei will be training with Saotome Sensei at the Shrine Dojo.

Schedule Changes

Tom Sensei’s Monday and Wednesday Morning Classes will be on hold until October.

Monday and Wednesday Classes will change to a focus on Aiki movement.  We encourage students of all levels to train in these classes.

The Saturday 12:30 kids class has resumed after a summer hiatus.

The Sunday morning class has moved to 9:00 AM.