Friday night open class has been cancelled due to lack of interest.  We will continue to have 2nd Friday Class as usual with Tom and Mary Sensei teaching.  Next 2nd Friday Class will be 9/8/17.

Saturday and Sunday adult classes are cancelled on 9/2 and 9/3 for Ledyard Sensei’s seminar and for the Labor Day weekend.  If you are not participating in the seminar, it is still a great opportunity to come out and watch an outstanding instructor.  Classes are basically every day, Friday 9/1 to Monday 9/4 from 9 AM until noon and 2 PM until 6 PM.

Beginners’ Class will be held as usual on Monday, 9/4/17.

Congratulations to Neil Segal on his new dojo.


Mark is just back from training at Aikijuku Dojo in Kansas City, KS at a seminar with Ikeda Sensei and Kinoshita Sensei.  Aikijuku Dojo is a new dojo founded by Neil Segal, who has trained at Nashville Aikikai in the past.  Congratulations to Neil on his new dojo.  And a shout out to Mark for going to a seminar to expand his knowledge and understanding of Aikido.  We look forward to your sharing what you learned with us.