Midwest Shrine Seminar

Nashville Aikikai members were honored to attend a seminar at the ASU Shrine Dojo outside of Sarasota, FL with members of other dojos from the Midwest. For those of you who have never been, the Shrine Dojo is a truly magnificent and magical place to train. Designed and built by Saotome Sensei, it is the only Shrine Dojo dedicated to O’Sensei outside of Owama, Japan. The dojo is located in rural central Florida. It opens into an outdoor training space, making you feel a oneness with the natural world while training. We listened to the rain and the call of Barred owls. Our training was invigorated by the cool, clear, clean morning air. It is an incredible privilege to receive such great training in that wonderful environment. We want to thank Whited Sensei for organizing this Shrine Seminar for Midwest Dojos. Sessions at the Shrine Dojo are held roughly every month from September to April. Both Yudansha and Mudansha are invited to attend regular Shrine sessions. If you are interested in attending a Shrine Seminar, please talk to Mary Sensei.

Attendees at Midwest Shrine Seminar, taught by Saotome Sensei and 4 ASU Senior instructors, Wendy Whited Sensei, Mary McIntire Sensei, Kay Sandacz Sensei, and Steve Matthews Sensei
Mary Sensei teaches at Shrine Seminar
Left to right: Mark, Marta, Mary Sensei, and Andres at the entrance to the Aikido Shrine Dojo: Aikido University of Shihan School
ASU Shrine Dojo

Nashville Aikikai: Aikido for Your Life

Build Strength

Increase Flexibility

Relieve Stress

Gain Confidence

Develop Balance and Coordination

Promote Agility

Self Defense

Increase Awareness

Sharpen Focus

Improve Reflexes

Develop Skills in Conflict Resolution

We are currently holding an eight week introductory series on Monday and Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:00. You are welcome to start at any time. Whatever your age, sexual identity, race/ethnicity, background, reason, whomever you are and wherever you are in your life, come discover what Aikido can do for you.

ASU Winter Intensive 2020

Front Row (Left to Right): Cassandra, Mary Sensei, Saotome Sensei, Mark
Back Row (Left to Right): Camilla, Jason, Marta, Katie, Roy
Not in picture: Taras

Nashville Aikikai was proud to represent at the 2020 ASU Winter Intensive, with the largest representation of any non-Florida dojo. We learned a lot, spent time with old friends, made new friends, and found a renewed enthusiasm for training. Looking forward to a great year of training!

A New Year’s Message from Mary Sensei

The dojo is off to a good start for 2020. Nine of us went to winter camp, had a great time, and hope to go back next year. We should have a new mat canvas in the near future. The new eight week Intro Session, with a new outline for the instructors, will start Monday Jan. 13th. And this Friday is Kagami Biraki. 
Please come join us this Friday evening. After class we’ll have a brief Kagami Biraki Mochi ceremony, which will be followed by dinner at the dojo with food from Calypso. Kumiko was kind enough to make mochi for us this year.  Since she won’t be available Friday evening, Mit has agreed to walk us through the ceremony. This is the first time we’ve had Kagami Mochi in our dojo and it’s great that we’re able to do it with homemade mochi. Feel free to bring your family. If practical, please let me know in the next 24 hours if you’re bringing family members and how many will be coming, so we can be sure to have enough food. 
This is a good time for each of us to decide on a focus for our training. It may be something you want to focus on for a month, a year, or any other length of time. It may be a principle, general area of training, technique, etc. When possible, you may want to work with others who are focusing on the same thing or something similar. This can be something that applies to everything you do on the mat, such as martial awareness; or something you work on before/after class, such as randori.
As I mentioned above, a new Intro Session starts Monday. For some of us, getting to class more often would be a good focus. Please make it a point to come Mondays and Wednesdays for the next eight weeks. It’s important that new students get a chance to see some of the same dojo members over and over, and get to know you. 
Hope 2020 turns into a great year for each of you,