Regional Instructors Seminar, so no class June 10-12, 2016

The Regional Instructors Seminar will be held at Bushin Dojo next weekend, June 10-12, 2016.  There will be great instruction, including classes being taught by Tom and Mary McIntire Sensei.  All Nashville Aikikai members are strongly encouraged to participate. Regularly scheduled classes at Nashville Aikikai will be cancelled.  You can pre-register for the seminar by email:  Am trying to get a copy of the final class schedule and hopefully will post soon.  See you there.



Cleaning Day!

Our seminar with Ikeda Shihan is fast approaching.  We will be having a dojo cleaning day on Saturday, May 7 at 2:00 PM.  The more people who come out, the faster we can be done!  Look forward to seeing you there.



Congratulations to the following individuals who passed kyu tests last week:

Jeanie: rokkyu

Chad: yonkyu

Roy: yonkyu

Scott: ikkyu

Please be aware that next Saturday, April 30, is the date of the Nashville Marathon.  The runners will pass through East Nashville, running down Shelby and Woodland Streets.  To reach the dojo, you will need to get off I-24 at the Spring Street exit, go down Main, and go past 10th St to cut back over to the dojo.  Route maps and road closure lists are available on the Country Music Marathon website:



Thank You!

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the Shade Tree Clinic.  We collected $650.00 to donate to the Vanderbilt medical student run free health clinic for members of our community.

Our next mini-Seminar with Tom and Mary Mcintire Sensei will be Saturday, April 16th.

Ikeda Shilan will be in Louisville on February 26-28, 2016.  Anyone who can should try to attend.  Ikeda Shihan will be here at Nashville Aikikai on May 20-22, 2016.

Steve Fasen Sensei will be teaching a seminar at Bushinkan Dojo/The Dojo of Nashville on March 11-13, 2016.  Classes at Nashville Aikikai will be cancelled that weekend.  Please try to attend the seminar, if you can.

Shade Tree Clinic Donations

Happy New Year! Welcome back to the dojo after our holiday hiatus. We will continue collecting donations for the Shade Tree Clinic until the end of class on Friday, January 8. Everyone who can, please try to come to that class, as that will be our Kigami Biraki celebration. Happy Training.