Thank you, Messores Sensei, for a great seminar. And thank you, dojo members, for your contributions to the Shade Tree Clinic

group-pic-at-messores-sensei-seminar-2-18-17Nashville Aikikai had a great showing at Messores Sensei’s seminar at the Dojo of Nashville this weekend (not all shown above).  Andres noted that Messores Sensei’s comments on Friday night that he cannot teach us, instead the individual has to put in the effort to learn, were, for him, worth the price of admission.  I hope everyone found 1 thing to take away from this weekend’s training.  In the words of Mary Sensei, “Focus on a little, learn a lot.  Focus on a lot, learn nothing.”  Plus, we are just having a ton of fun.

We hope to see everyone at Nashville Aikikai March 24-26, 2017 for a seminar with Ikeda Sensei.

And, finally, thanks to everyone who donated to our holiday charity, the Shade Tree Clinic.  We were able to raise $850 this year, which will help to provide medical care to the uninsured in our community.



Upcomig Events

2nd Friday Class will be this coming Friday, 2/10/17.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.  Keiko will be taught be Tom and Mary McInitire Sensei starting at 6:30.  We will go to dinner after class.

Also, a reminder that John Messores Sensei will be teaching a seminar at The Dojo of Nashville the weekend of 2/17 to 2/19.  Friday Keiko is at 6:30, Saturday at 10:00 and 3:00, and Sunday at 10:00.  Please try to attend.  Messores Sensei is a great instructor and was Tom and Mary Sensei’s sempai in Sarasota when Saotome Sensei first came to the US.

Finally, Ikeda Sensei will be giving a seminar in our dojo March 24 to 26.

See you on the mat.



Nashville Aikikai announces a new Youth Class for boys and girls ages 10-16.  Classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:15 to 5:15 PM.  There are no contracts.  The fee is $40 per month.


In other news – HAPPY NEW YEAR.  We will have second Friday Class this week on the 13th.  After class, we will have pizza in the dojo and watch a special video of Saotome Sensei.

Please pay your ASU dues – $75 yudansha and $45 mudansha (white belts).  If you are paying by check, please make the check out to Nashville Aikikai.  Mary Sensei will send the dues to ASU as a single check.  If we get our ASU dues in by the end of the month, we will be entered in a drawing for a free seminar from Wendy Whited Sensei.


Congratulations on the following promotions.  All with excellent tests.

Katie – rokyu

Taras – rokyu

Sam- yonkyu

No class Sunday due to Titans home game.

Please consider a donation to our holiday charity, the Shade Tree Clinic.

Holiday Edition


A small group of dojo members visited the Samuri exhibit at the Frist on November 19th. It is truly a beautiful exhibit.  Even my 80-something year old mother enjoyed it.  You may remember that some of the elaborate helmets that were on display were made by the Saotome family.  While at the Aiki Shrine dojo this weekend, Saotome Sensei was pointing out a full suit of armor in his studio.  I told him about the exhibit and asked if his family might have made those helmets.  He confirmed that members of his family had been armourers, helmet-makers, and sword-makers.  Pretty cool to see something that might have been made by one of his ancestors.  And, no, Jacques is not that short.

A big thank you to Scott’s son for taking some great pictures at keiko prior to the museum trip and a the museum afterwards.  Check out the new picture of Mary Sensei on the website!

It being the holidays, please consider donating to our holiday charity, The Shade Tree Clinic.  As you will recall, this is a medical student run, free clinic for the citizens of Nashville.  They do great work for the uninsured in our community.  If you have any questions, you can ask Marta or check out their website:  Donations can be given to Mary Sensei, Marta, or left in the box.  Please make checks out to Nashville Aikikai (indicate that it is a donation to Shade Tree).  No, you cannot do PayPal.  Mary Sensei will make a single donation in the name of the dojo after the first of the year.  If you haven’t seen it, there is a thank you card on the bulletin board from last year’s donation.

Mark is just back from training with Ikeda Sensei in Costa Rica.  Marta spent this past weekend at the Aiki Shrine Dojo training with Saotome Sensei and Messores Sensei.  As we make our New Year’s resolutions, consider trying to get to a seminar this year.  What a great way to learn from world class instructors, train with new people, and make new friends in aikido.  Below is a list of some seminars coming up in the area – if you know of others, please let me know:

12/26/16 – 1/1/17: ASU Winter Intensive, St. Petersburg Beach, FL

1/20-1/22/17: Mary Heiny Sensei, Shindai Dojo, Orlando, FL

1/27-1/29/17: Bill Gleason Sensei, Cleveland Aikikai, Cleveland, OH

2/17-2/19/17: John Messores Sensei, The Dojo of Nashville, Nashville, TN

3/24-3/26/17: Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei, Nashville Aikikai, Nashville, TN

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year.