John Messores Sensei on the Message of Saotome Sensei and O’Sensei

Many thanks to John Messores Sensei, 7th Dan, for taking the time to reflect on his life in Aikido during an interview with Mark Miller for the ASU Newsletter on 12/24/2020. I really appreciated learning more about Messores Sensei’s life in the art and his reflections on the future of Aikido. I wanted to share some of Messores Sensei’s insights regarding the fundamental message of Aikido:

“And to a large extent, that is a large part of Saotome Sensei’s and O’Sensei’s message. They were not just saying, ‘Become a really big tough-guy.’ They were saying, ‘Learn to interact with people.’ And that can mean to interact with your family, your neighbors, your community, your nation, the world as a whole. I mean, this is all part of the grander Aikido message. It’s not just about creating a lone tough-guy hero. It’s about somebody who can work and build with the rest of your community.”

To listen to the entire interview:


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