The Dream of Society as One Human Family

The RW has been a little busy at work these days.  I am missing training and hoping we will get some virtual aikido training up and going soon.  In the evenings, in leiu of training, I have started re-reading Saotome Sensei’s book, Light on Transmission.  I was struck by the following observation, “Of what use can Aikido be made in addressing the great dangers — dangers threatening our very survival — that are so much a part of our world today?  It is my greatest desire that practitioners around the world be empowered with both the scientific outlook and the spiritual worldview necessary to represent the art of Aikido as a means to the end of realizing the dream of society as one human family.”  Never in my lifetime has this philosophy been so true and so necessary.  Hold strong my friends.  I want to thank everyone for making masks, and giving blood, and most of all, staying home.  We will see each other and celebrate on the other side.



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