Thank You From Mary Sensei and Resumption of Classes

Going out to volunteer in East Nashville

I was really glad to see so many of us show up to help with the tornado aftermath. It shows what a great group we have. Basically everyone who was able to, took the time to help today.

While walking down the street, we all noticed how heartbreaking it was to see so many homes were beyond repair. People are going to need help for the next several months. Hopefully we can get together like this again.
Don’t forget that you can always sign up at Hands On Nashville and they’ll let you know whatever they need done. On the busiest days, they’ll probably also have tents up like they did today. You can walk into the tent and sign up whenever you’re ready. That way you don’t have to designate a specific time.
If you want to volunteer on a day when it’s raining, please consider something such as the Nashville Food Project. They are extra busy right now taking food to people who need it because of the tornadoes. You can sign up to work in their kitchens or (if it’s not raining) their gardens. Their link for signing up also takes you to Hands On Nashville and you sign up through them.
It’s important to Tom and I that Nashville Aikikai help the community. We’re very aware that lately we haven’t been stressing this or doing as much as we used to. Now, unfortunately, is a time when there’s plenty we can do to help. We were really glad to see the wonderful response from the group.
We resumed our normal class schedule today at 12:30 starting with the kids class. The adult classes will resume our normal schedule tomorrow morning. However, specific classes may be canceled so that people can work as we did today. If that happens you’ll receive emails about those classes later.
Ya’ll are terrific!

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