Dojo News from Mary Sensei

Hope everyone is doing well. 
I have several bits of news concerning the dojo, so please note each item below.
1. Don’t forget that this coming Friday is the second Friday of the month. We have people who will be testing. Even if you can’t take ukemi, you can support them simply by being there.
2. I have adjusted the heat and air In the dojo for winter time.   – If it is particularly cold or hot when you get there, please note the time and temperature and let me know.   – Also, feel free to adjust the temperature up or down, just don’t make your adjustments permanent.
3. Days the dojo will be closed  – Thanksgiving (Wednesday classes will be held as usual)  – Christmas day (tentatively evening classes will be canceled on December 24 and 26. However, the 6:30 morning classes will still be held.)  – Evening class on January 2 (tentatively all other classes around New Year’s will be held as usual)
4. We now have a donate button on the homepage of our website so that people can easily contribute to the dojo. Since we are a 501(c)(3) all donations are tax-deductible. 
5. Our Kagami Biraki will be held on Jan. 10th.
6. Tres Sensei just reached out to me to confirm that our seminar for next year is October 2–4. Everything is a go for both his seminar and Ikeda Sensei’s seminar.
Hope you enjoy the rest of your day,

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