Ledyard Sensei Seminar is Cancelled

I know that several dojo members who had not signed up for George Ledyard Sensei’s Labor Day Sword Intensive at The Dojo of Nashville were planning to go by to watch or to try to take one or two classes.  Unfortunately, the seminar has been cancelled.  Hopefully dojo members will be able to participate in one of his other Intensives or Seminars or to train with him at another venue, such as the ASU Winter Intensive in St. Pete Beach.  Guest instructors this year will be Jan Nivelius Shihan from Sweeden and Marsha Turner Sensei from Chicago.  Got to love the power and grace of small woman Aikido (just saying).  If we have 4 people from our dojo register, the 5th regsitration is free.  Below is a short video of George Ledyard Sensei teaching at the ASU Winter Intensive in 2014 followed by a video of Marsha Turner Sensei at the 2019 Winter Intensive for your viewing enjoyment.

George Ledyard Sensei at Winter Intensive 2014

Marsha Turner Sensei at Winter Intensive 2019


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