Kagami Biraki – January 18th


Kagami Biraki are celebrations that mark significant events, the most common being the celebration of the New Year.  Its origins can be traced to the 4th Tokogawa Shogun, who opened a sake barrel as an offering on the eve of war.  Since the war was won, opening a sake barrel prior to an auspicious event has become common practice.  For us, Kagami Biraki is a time when we rededicate ourselves to our Aikido practice.  Instead of a second Friday class in January, we will be having a Kagami Biraki Celebration on the 3rd Friday, January 18th.  We would like as many dojo members as possible to join us for this very special day in the life of the dojo.  There will be class at 6:30, followed by dinner.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the dojo.


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