Saotome Sensei and Mary Sensei

Welcome back to Mary Sensei, who spent last weekend in Florida training with Saotome Sensei at the Ranch.  Below, please see Mary Sensei’s recent email regarding the importance of attending seminars.

“I’d like to stress the importance of seminars.

In addition to regular training at the dojo, attending seminars is the way to improve your Aikido.

Different instructors explain things in different ways, emphasize different points, and even do techniques in different ways.  These differences can be very helpful to your understanding of the art.  They’ll give you ideas that you can continue to work on in the dojo.  If you don’t have opportunities during class to work on things you pick up at seminars, you can grab a partner and work on those things before or after class.

Additionally, training with people from other dojos is often eye-opening.  You get used to the way people attack and take ukemi in your home dojo.  People from other dojos will be slightly different.  Adjusting to those differences is great training — Aikido is all about adjusting so that you can deal with life and those around you.

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