Congratulations to David on promotion to Yonkyu.  Excellent test.

Tom Sensei emphasized the importance of breathing to our Aikido practice and to our overall health.  He discussed breathing deeply from the abdomen and not stopping at the top or bottom of the breath.  He recommended 5 minutes of breathing practice on arising each morning to awaken the mind and body.  Great example of how Aikido practice has relevance in our daily lives.

We had a dojo meeting and discussed the kids class, moving the dues payment system to another platform (PayPal), and a dues increase.  Tom and Mary Sensei emphasized that if the dues increase is a financial hardship and would cause you to stop training to please speak to one of them.  We need to pay the rent, but we want everyone to be able to train.  We reviewed upcoming seminars, including Wendy Whited Sensei’s Seminar at The Dojo of Nashville on 6/22-24, our seminar with Tres Hofmeister Sensei on 10/5-7, and our one-day seminar at the dojo with Tom and Mary McIntire Sensei on August 11.  Tom and Mary Sensei are considering a full 3 class seminar (1 class Friday night and 2 classes on Saturday), either in August or at another date in the future.

We will be having regularly scheduled classes today and tomorrow.

See you in the dojo.


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