Wow, what a great seminar! Thank you Tres Hofmeister Sensei and all of our visitors! Congratulations to 2 new Nidans.

What a wonderful seminar we had this weekend with Tres Hofmeister Shihan!  I know that I have been left with a lot to think about until we see him again next year.  He asked us to think about aikido as more than just the physical aspect of technique, but also to examine our perceptions, to think about how we approach learning, and to take time to examine more fully the uke-nage relationship (It was either that or not to make any noise while you train and to ask no questions – JUST KIDDING, SENSEI).

Tres Hofmeister Sensei_Sept 15

Thanks to the many friends, old and new, who joined us in training.  It was great to see Tom Wong Sensei, now living in Madison, WI and who just happened to stop by for a visit during the seminar, and Raymond from Chatanooga, who, if I understand correctly, tested for Shodan together a few years ago!

mr wong and raymond

Congratulations to Eric from Indianapolis, IN and to Marta for passing their Nidan tests. Marta wants to thank Tom and Mary Sensei and all of the dojo members who have helped her over the last several months to prepare for the exam.  The video has been posted on the Videos and Photos from Tests page

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