July 2011 class and promotions

We had a great third Friday class on July 15th, lots of people showed up early to get some extra training in before class and tests.

Once sensei began class, we had a full mat of aikidoka of all abilities to train with, which is always a great treat.  Sensei led us through an excellent class and demonstrated techniques and fundamentals that gave everyone something to work on for improving their aikido.

After our short class, we had three great tests:

  • Marty – Rokyu
  • Jesse Linares – Yonkyu
  • Travis Powell – Sankyu

Congratulations to all for passing their tests.  I posted pictures of the class and tests under our Multimedia page at July 2011 class and testing.  If you have additional pictures from the class or tests you can add, please email them to me: dave at nashvilleaikikai dot org.  Thanks!

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