Kids’ Class Descriptions

Kids Class:

This class is for children ages six to eight years old. Parental presence is required. We will consider it a successful class if everyone has fun and gets a good stretching, centering, and aerobic workout while being exposed to the teachings and the techniques of traditional Japanese aikido.  We teach rolls, falls, and basic strikes and grabs in order to help students develop self defense capabilities. But we do not HAVE to have classes that rely on strikes or grabs to have a great class, and we limit teaching in this area.  There are no pre-requisites nor physical abilities necessary to start this class.

Nashville Aikikai believes that each person has their own reasons for training, and that these should be respected. We adhere closely to the the curriculum of Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (ASU), but this is a flexible model that requires only a sincere effort to succeed. This flexibility says the demands of training should be calibrated to the student, offering each student the best opportunity to grow and develop in the art of aikido.  We take this same approach with our youngest students.

Youth Class:

The Youth class is open to children and adolescents between the ages of nine and seventeen.  The curriculum covers the same material as the Adult Introductory and Intermediate classes with an added emphasis on the ukemi (the ability to fall and roll) needed to train safely.  New material and techniques are introduced as
each student’s ability increases.  Our emphasis on the cooperative, non-competitive nature of the art allows new students to begin training in a safe manner while our more experienced students develop the skills and self control necessary to help their juniors practice and learn safely.  The goal of the youth
class is to have each student fully prepared for their first adult test at age 15.

Please note that the Youth schedule follows the Davidson County school system for days off due to snow and other emergencies.

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