Class Descriptions

Keiko (General) Class:

We have a general class (keiko) Monday through Friday at 6:30 AM, Sunday at 12:00 PM (noon),  and 6:30 PM on Thursday.  General classes are open to anyone, and the content of the class will depend on the experience levels of the attendees.

Introductory Class:
Nashville Aikikai offers ongoing open enrollment for beginning students with no previous aikido experience during our Monday/Wednesday 6:30pm classes. There is no need to preregister and you may start on any date. Beginning students will be welcome to attend any combination of Monday/Wednesday ukemi and introductory classes as well as Friday 6:30pm classes.

Students of any level may attend the Introductory Class.  This gives new students an opportunity to work with senior members of the dojo, and more experienced students practice on basic technique.  Students are introduced to the basics of Aikido, including open hand techniques, ukemi (falling and rolling), and weapons (tanto, bokken, and jo). This class will help prepare students for their first kyu tests.

Weapons Class:

The Weapons Class features beginning to advanced level techniques using bokken (wooden sword), tanto (wooden knife), and jo (short staff). Weapons training helps students to develop a sense of distance and timing in relation to their partner, as well as center and focus. The Weapons class is held at 6:30 PM on Tuesday

Open Class:

The Open Class is an opportunity for students of all levels to work on the Aikido skills that they wish to develop. An instructor is usually present, but this is not a formal class. Please remember that this is also the instructor’s time to work on what he/she chooses. Class begins around 6:30 PM on Friday and participants are welcome to arrive or leave at any time.

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