Thank you to Mary Sensei for teaching a great mini-seminar yesterday, focusing on extension. To paraphrase O’Sensei, to start each technique, fill your body with ki and invite your enemy to attack.

Congratulations to the following on passing their Kyu tests – Everyone did a great job.

Phil – Ikkyu

Chad and Roy – Gokyu

Solomon – Rokyu

Please try to come to keiko next Saturday.  Mark Clark will bringing some of his students down from Cookeville for kyu testing, and we will need all the ukes that we can get.

Update on Classes in August

Both the Youth Class and the Adult Class will be cancelled on Thursday, August 6, due to the television show Nashville being filmed next door at The Post.

We will be having a mini-seminar and open house on Saturday, August 8.

Because of the mini-seminar on August 8, we will not be having our usual “Second Friday” class and dinner on Friday, August 14. A regular Keiko will be held that night.

We will be having kyu testing for several students from the Cookeville dojo on Saturday, August 15 and will need plenty of ukes.

Class cancelled Thursday, August 6 and other stuff

Class will be cancelled on Thursday night, August 6, due to filming of the TV show, Nashville, at our next door neighbor, The Post.  Please everyone try to come out to our Mini-seminar and Open House on Saturday, August 8.  There are scheduled to be 4 kyu tests.  On the following Saturday, August 15, some of Mark’s students will be coming down from the Cookeville dojo for kyu testing. We will need plenty of ukes, so try to come out for that, as well, and support our fellow students from the Cookeville dojo.


Nashville Aikikai will be sponsoring and open house on Saturday, August 8, 2015 at 12:30.  Drop by, meet our students, and see what aikido is all about.

Also on Saturday, August 8, 2015, Tom and Mary McIntire Sensei will be teaching a mini-seminar.  Classes will be 10:00 to 12:00 and 3:00 to 5:00.  Cost is $25 for the seminar or $15 per class for non-members.  There will be kyu testing (you know who you are – and if you don’t, ask Mary Sensei).