Tom and Mary McIntire Sensei                         Ueshiba Juku Instructors

Tom and Mary Mcintire
Mary McIntire Sensei began her study of aikido in 1972.  Tom McIntire Sensei started a few years later in 1978.  Each currently holds the rank of 5th dan (Godan) through Mitsuge Saotome Shihan and the Aikido World Federation (Hombu Dojo).  Both were students of Saotome Shihan, training with him daily when he was the Chief Instructor at Sarasota Aikikai.  When Saotome Shihan left Sarasota, Tom and Mary Sensei continued to train on a daily basis with Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei.  They continue to train with Saotome Shihan and Ikeda Sensei whenever possible.  Tom Sensei and Mary Sensei recently attended a special seminar with other senior members of ASU taught by Saotome Shihan at the Aiki Shrine Dojo in Myakka City, Florida in January 2013.

Tom and Mary live in West Meade, and their daughter, Ali, is a student at Austin Peay University.  Tom teaches trumpet lessons and plays several instruments.  Mary works for TDOT, and enjoys visiting with lifelong friends at Aikido seminars in the Southeast and Midwest.

CONGRATULATIONS to Tom McIntire Sensei and Mary McIntire Sensei on their promotions by Saotome Shihan to Godan in January 2010.  See News Page for details.

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